All About Us

About us...

Hello and welcome,

If you have landed on this page one of two things has happened...

1. Either you are lost.

2. Or you are genuinely interested about who we are ?

I understand nobody wants to read endless pages of my own ego massaged autobiography or a narcissict narrative of me.

Brief but pertinent, this is our story ...

I started fulltime in the workforce in about 1992. During which time I spent every moment in front of a computer as a book keeping clerk. However, it wasn't until about 1998 that I discovered my true love for computing conincidently the same year Microsoft's Windows98 was released. Not long after I bought my own personel computer and unwittingly began a journey of curiousity that I still haven't reached the end of today. Over the next many years I bought computers, servers, routers etc etc. I fixed them, upgraded them pulled them to pieces, rebuilt them, connected and interconnected them. All of this messing around simply got the better of me.

There was another factor or dynamic that also lured me to the computer craze at the time and that was this newish thing called "The World Wide Web or www". Over night the world could be discovered from the comfort of your own Desktop PC. The information and software as intangible as it was could change computing limitlessly.

This was all something very big and I wanted in. So I landed myself at unversity and other learning institutes because I wanted to know everything I could.

In early 2005, Binary Computer Systems was established and I have never looked back.

You know the saying, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." Well, I haven't worked for awhile.

Call us geeks, nerds or whatever goes with the territory but I'm serious about computing and have the patience and passion to take care of your computing needs.

I enjoy working with people and I look forward to meeting you.

Kind Regards

Anthony Collishaw


How can we help ?

We have discovered over the years that many other computer companies like to charge from the minute you call them.

At Binary Computer Systems our rule is to meet you and discuss your concerns first. Then and only then we can both agree on how Binary Computer Systems can best serve you.

We take pride in knowning our clients and believe trust and loyalty can only be established over time.

How can we help...

Keeping You Operating
Down time for any reason costs money in productivity. Good planning and good equipment will help reduce downtime. However, there will always be unforseen circumstances that cause downtime. We pride ourselves in being accessable 24/7 and understand not everybody works 9 to 5. You can be assured help is available any time.

Computers/Laptops/Server etc.
Anybody can sell computers. We make it a must to understand how you wish to use the equipment over time. This is pertinent in deciding which products and features suit your situation and budget. Our experience over the years has given us the insight to see which manafactures live up to their name and truely support what they sell. This experience has also shown us which manafactures to avoid. We simply want to match the right product with the right price to get you the best possible life out of your product. We have a very small warranty return rate which is testimant to years of proven brands and methods. Warranty returns only waste time and cause distaste.

Problem Solving
Ninety percent of our work is solving problems. Text books and class rooms can teach alot but will never compare to experience gained in the field. We have a long standing of hands-on problem solving and personally I insist that the machines never win. Also, once problems are solved clear decisions can then be made as to what to do next. We pride ourselves on thinking beyond the hurdals and shift our focus onto the goal posts.


Why Use Us ?

Firstly, let me ask you a retorical but empirical question...

Would you use the pool cleaner who does his job only for money or do you use the pool cleaner who knows all about black algae and the best method to keep it from your pool ?

Yes, no, computers aren't pools. We understand that when you contact us you have a concern or need to solve a problem. So, to that end I can promise you this much...

Firstly, we will work for you and find the solution to your problem or concern. Or if we can't personally solve it for you we will find or recommend somebody who can. Over the years Binary Computer Systems has worked with and along side other very skilled and professional IT companies and has the support and relationships to find solutions that purely benefit the client.

Secondly, we want to understand how you work so we can work with you. For example, in some cases the manager or owner of the business implicitly directs Binary Computer Systems to only discuss and take directives from themselves or nominated personel. Confidentiality and need to know is our modus operandi so at your request we will only be answerable to who you nominate.

Thirdly, similar to the doctor-patient-confidentiality all work undertaken by Binary Computer Systems will always remain private and confidiential. We appreciate that trade secrets, business practices and reputation are valuable and important to you.

Lastly, on time every time and follow up is an important part of our operation method. We want to ensure every job is taken through to completion.

At anytime tell us how it is. We like brass tacks. If your not satisfied with what we do then you wont want us back which means both of us have paid an unnecessary price.

So at the end of the day let's work together and get the job done right the first time.

We are civil, friendly and cogent in our approach.


Why Binary ?

You will know that computers can perform arithmetic operations like add, subtract etc... But did you know that computers use only two numbers to equate every value. Binary is a method of representing numbers that has 2 as its base and uses only the digits "0" and "1". For the most part, humans count using the decimal(base 10) numbering system. 10 digits and combinations of each cover every number to infinity and beyond. Well the same can be achieved by computers using only two numbers "0" and "1". So, binary is the base 2 method of representing numbers as opposed to the base 10 method(humans are used to).

Try the Decimal to Binary converter below:-


Honest Advice

Over the years we have seen similar scenarios with harware and software life cycles and how equipment can become obsolete. When it comes to that time when you have to renew or repair the decision can be hard to make. Let us show you the possibilities that are before you. In most cases a little explaining in clear terms as to what's viable or not viable, what's practiable or what's not practiable is the guidance you need to help you make a decision that allows you to sleep at night.

We are on your side. And we will do our best to bat a hundred for you everytime.


Future Support

To us future support is one of the most important aspects of IT. Sure we dont have a crystal ball but as mentioned earlier in the "about us" section we do this job eveyday because we love it and we see providing IT support necessary.

When a business owner takes a financial risk in expanding and improving their business you want to know that you have a friend to brave the elements with you as time goes on. We want to walk the journey with you and show you that we are extraordinary from our competitors for ordinary reasons.

We are all on the go and the world is moving faster and faster everyday. Keeping abrest of information technology is perpetual. On your behalf we will always consider your computing needs not only for today but for tomorrow. Endevearing to keep you prepared for the future takes thought and planning.

You and your business intend on being around for many years we can assure you so do we.


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